Finished Flimsy: Grassy Creek

Grassy Creek – Finished 03/2023

When I took this out to finish, I knew I had completed the inner part of the quilt when I last played with this project but I had no idea what I needed to do before I could say this flimsy was finished. I knew there were borders but I couldn’t remember what that entailed. Well, I did two borders around the part I finished. It’s hard to tell unless you know the pattern but the border on the end finished the gray diamonds and the blue churn dash like blocks. and then the border before that included the 9 patches. What I’m trying to say is that they do not look like borders and just finish the blocks from the inner top. The pattern calls for a skinny border and then a final border made up of string piecing. I hate string piecing and I decided that this is the last quilt I will make with string piecing (if I could help it). So I decided that I didn’t need to add it. If I really thought there should be a border I would do a single fabric or something else. I decided it didn’t need a border and I am happy with this as finished. It joins my quilt queue as #10 on that list.



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  1. The colors you chose for this quilt are so pretty. I did mine in gray, green and orange, but it doesn’t “sing” to me like yours does. I didn’t do the border from the pattern either, I used five rows of 1″ finished squares of gray, with some orange ones thrown in. outside of the plain green inner border.

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