I’m alive and healthy

Just wanted to drop by and let you know, I’m okay and my family is okay.  I’m not part of a high risk category but my family and I are self-quarantining because we can. I work from home mostly and the 2-day a week job I was commuting to before was moved to virtual support which is what I do normally.  Today is day 11 for me and it’s helpful to take the dog on walks and say hello to the sun every day.  For awhile, it was raining and every time it stopped I would rush outside to breathe fresh air and take the dog out.  It’s no fun taking her out when it is raining.  I can say yesterday was a difficult day. It was my son’s 15th birthday and he was happy to stay in his room and play on his computer. The rest of us got on each other’s nerves. I isolated myself from the rest of the family in my office/craft room to avoid tensions rising higher.  Today is a much better day.

Since last I posted, I got this done!

Mama’s Bukid – Farmland 2
It’s finish!


Hope you are staying safe and keeping your sanity!





Cross Stitch: A Stitch in Time, an update

Last time I posted a picture here, was when I listed my 2020 Cross Stitch Goals.  Here is a picture from the beginning of the year.

This project is part of my rotation.  I switch projects every Sunday in this order: Mama’s Bukid, Gamer, Mama’s Bukid, A Stitch in Time.  Yes, I do Mama’s Bukid every other week because it’s my priority project and I want it done soon.  It’s also my longest xstitch project and I’m really sick of it.  So, the sooner I’m done with it, the sooner I can frame it and give it to my mother.  Anyway, I stitch a little bit every week night.  Lately, my week nights have been full of things that take up my time and I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I want so I do an hour or so here and there over the weekend.  Here’s where I finished at yesterday:

A Stitch in Time

Because there is so much confetti, I’m only able to do about 55 stitches an hour.  It sounds like I’m a really slow stitcher but with color changes for every single box, there’s no way to do it but slow and steady.  It was difficult to do anything on this this week as I was overwhelmed with the complexity and how slow I am  at it.  But I persevered and was able to get 400 stitches done this week.  My goal was to do 1200 but it’s just not possible given the amount of time I’m able to devote to this project.  Some may say I have too many projects and that I should probably work on one project at a time but that’s just ridiculous!

Happy Stitching!


Welcome to the family

I finally got the boxes unpacked and I put this baby together. It was pretty easy. I watched SewVeryEasy’s unboxing video on YouTube several times. Then I watched each section again as I followed in real life.  It was much easier than trying to go through the instructions which wasn’t hard either but video was better for me than reading or deciphering the pictures for the instructions.  Once the machine was put together, the hubby and I rearranged the whole living room area to accommodate it.  The current set up opens up the room a bit more and I really like it. We will try it out and see how it plays out.

All that to say, once it was put together, I was too tired to actually play with it.  I’m hoping to today.  I’ve got some work stuff and my sewing room/office is a mess.  At this moment, it is hard for me to work when I’ve got too many projects scattered around me.  I have a problem figuring out what to work on first. 🙂 So, this blog, some work, put things away in my sewing room and then play on the Q20 is on the docket today.

Happy Sunday and I hope you are able to craft to your heart’s content!


My weekly update, 2/22/2020

It Came!

Bernina Q20 in boxes

It arrived on Thursday and I’ve been too busy to do anything with it. My friends are shocked at my resistance but I want time to put things right. This is what I’ll be doing today but first… my weekly update!

Last week I went to yoga twice!  Woohoo.  Now I just need to do it a few more weeks and it will be second nature.  My goal is to make it 3 times a week but I’m all about baby steps.

For morning knitting, previously I was working on my “jo’s perfect slipper socks”and I finished this early in the week.

Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks

My current morning sock project are Curious Handmade’s “Honey Bee Dance socks”.  I already have one sock done from a long time ago. But I’m knitting from a sock blank so I couldn’t do two at a time like I normally do.  Here’s the start of the second sock.

Curious Handmade’s
Honey Bee Dance

Curious Handmade’s
Honey Bee Dance
The finished one


For Ricky’s Weasley Sweater, I worked on it 3 of 5 scheduled days. I didn’t take a picture again but one of these days I will do that. It looks very much like it used to … just longer.

And 4 other knitting projects have been touched and played with a bit this week.  I actually casted on a new project since I finished my shawl.  I will take a picture of it so I can show you soon but for now, the pattern is tranquil mist and I will be beading for the first time!

~Here’s to a full crafty week where you can accomplish all your goals!



Cross Stitch: Mama’s Bukid, an update

Mama’s Bukid

Here is where I’m at with Mama’s Bukid.  When I finish this set of columns, I will be finished with this project.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  But I’m putting it away.  I can almost taste the finish that’s how close I am. I’ve been working on this project for a week and it’s not my favorite project. If I force myself to keep working on it, I will not pick it up at all.  I know myself.  So, I will work on “A Stitch in Time” this week and next week… I will stitch a bit more on this project and maybe, I’ll have a finish.  There’s a lot of full coverage as I get to the bottom of these columns and as a result, I’m not certain I’ll be able to finish in a week.  It may take another 2 weeks of stitching.  Either way, I’m okay with taking a break on this and moving onto one of my favorite stitchy projects.


My weekly update, 2/15/2020

Today is my hubby’s birthday so this weekend is his weekend.  For V-day yesterday, we went out to a nice dinner with our son at a local spot called Joe’s Cafe in Granada Hills.  Afterwards, we went to sing a karaoke spot.  Our son originally didn’t want to go but ended coming with us.  It was a fun couple of hours as we sat and sang our hearts out.  I’ve been wanting to go for awhile as it’s been a long time since we’ve done that.  Today, we woke up early and went to see Parasites, the Korean drama that seems to be talked about everywhere since sweeping up all the awards.  Then we had a light lunch at his favorite Thai spot.  Now we are home and I get to craft until he decides he wants to do something else.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted a weekly update. No real reason other than I had a full week a couple of weeks ago and Saturday was my only free day.  This meant that all I wanted to do was craft and blogging was not part of that picture.

I went to yoga each week and I’m maintaining my once a week yoga tradition.  I really need to go more than that but it’s proving to be difficult.  I am striving for twice a week.

For morning knitting, I’ve been working on my “jo’s perfect slipper socks”.

Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks


Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks
Side View

I’m almost done! These were so easy to knit up and I can’t believe I’ve only got about 5 rounds left to do!

For Ricky’s Weasley Sweater, I worked on it 7 of the 10 scheduled days.  It doesn’t look much different than last time, it’s just a bit longer so I’m not going to post another pic. You can scroll to a previous post if you are dying to see what it looked like before. I was able to finish my Fairy Hills Shawl!

Fairy Hill Shawl
Pattern by: Curious Handmade

I bound off on 2/13 but I still need to block it and cut off the ends. The ends are woven in but I cut them off after I block it.  So that’s all I need to do. I was going to do it today but didn’t have time and now I’m too cold to do it.  I love it.  Here’s a close up of the lace before I finished so you can see it better:

Fairy Hill Shawl
Lace design in close up


~Here’s to a full crafty week where you can accomplish all your goals!



Scrappy Stars Around The Corner, Clue 2 and Clue 3 finished

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 3

I finished Clue 3 last weekend and realized afterwards that I never finished clue 2.  The last 2 pages of Clue 2 were behind Clue 3 so didn’t see it until I finished clue 3. I had to go back and do those last 2 pages this weekend.

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 2

Now they are both complete and I can move on to Clue 4.  I reviewed and printed it.  This is the final clue and includes the reveal so I will be on this clue awhile.  I think there are about 10 steps with more blocks to put together and then I get to put all the blocks together.

I’m not really liking how the individual blocks look. It’s too scrappy for me. When I cut my scraps I was looking purely at value and not at colorways or anything. It was a test for me to see how it turns out.  So far, I’ve not liked this test. I am hoping that once all the blocks are put together I will like how this quilt will look.  But I will probably not use this method by choice again.  Of course, never say never. Different techniques tend to come out of the woodwork and I suddenly decide I like something I once thought I hated.  I will still make scrappy quilts I will just stick with a colorway rather than go purely based on values.

Happy Wednesday!


Road to CA 2020, Masterpiece Winner

You can see all the winners here.  But I plan to post pictures of my favorites.

I really loved the Masterpiece Winner.

Road to California
2020 Masterpiece Winner
“Crazy Four Ewe”
Janet Stone

This one was my favorite.  Janet Stone won Best of Show last year and the quilt is similar in style. It reminds me of a cross stitch sampler.  I wish I had taken close ups of some of the individual blocks. I thought I had but in going through my phone, I did not. Isn’t that always the case?


Finished Socks

knit picks
scrappy socks

I briefly mentioned that I finished these socks on my recent weekly update and I wanted to go over them in detail.  I may have done so in a previous post but I can’t remember and if I can’t, maybe you can’t either.

These socks were knitted with 2 different colorways of Knit Picks Felici.  In 2018, I was on a kick to use up as much of my Felici as possible. This is one of those yarns that I bought a lot of because I loved the colorways but when I finally started knitting it, didn’t love the yarn so much.  So in 2018 every month I knit a pattern with what I had with the intent to use up all my Felici (spoiler: I still have a lot).  Because my feet are small and I like shorties (despite these being long), I would have 50g (almost a full ball) left of each colorway after every pair of socks.  So, I have a bunch of these leftover and at some point some time ago I needed a quick travel project and vanilla socks are the best for travel knitting.  When I finished the first colorway, it wasn’t enough for even shorties so I added a second colorway and just knit a tube until I finished the second colorway.  I pulled out my bag of minis and selected something for the heels and something for the cuffs.  The heels are kirby’s afterthought heel without waste yarn tutorial on youtube.  I originally didn’t put a waste yarn because I thought that these would go to my daughter. She decided she didn’t want them (she already has a ton of socks so she didn’t want to add to her collection).  So they’re mine.  The cuffs are 2×2 ribbing.

I started knitting on these socks as my morning knit project after Thanksgiving when I finished my November socks.  These took a long time to knit because of how long they became but I really love them and may consider knitting more long socks.



Quilting update on my 2020 crafty plans

Quilting: I finished 2 quilt tops in January

Good Fortune
Top is done!

Glam Clam
Finished Top

My primary project is Scrappy Stars and I finished Clue #3.  When I finished Clue #3, I found the last page of Clue #2 and realized I didn’t finish that clue. I had 2 steps left. I finished the first of those 2 steps and now I’m working on the 2nd step. The rest of my WIPs I haven’t touched yet.

  1. Area One Mystery Quilt (2012):

    Area One Mystery quilt

  2. Craftsy Mystery Quilt with Kimberly Einmo
  3. Area Two Mystery Quilt (2012)
  4. Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard (2013)

I started the Diamond Wedding Ring by Judy Niemeyer but haven’t gotten very far. I’m waiting on the pattern pages so my last post on this is where I’m still at.