Manic Monday – 8/25/2014

For BOM Away Monday,

Hampton Ridge Block 30 8/24/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 30

Hampton Ridge Block 31 8/24/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 31


Hampton Ridge Block 32 8/24/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 32

Sorry yesterday’s post was such a bummer about not having the sewjo to continue with Hampton Ridge.  I finished Block 30 pretty early Sunday morning but then I started doing other stuff that ate up my time.  Later in the afternoon, I decided to put up my design wall.  I felt that having my design wall up would help get my sewjo back and inspire me to get caught up.  In the process I realized that I was almost done.  There are a total of 41 blocks for this quilt and at that time I was at 30 which meant I only had 11 left to do.  Then I realized that all the kits I had encompassed all the blocks that I have left to do.  This means the quilt is almost done!!!!  Thanks to Susan, Libby, and DeeDee for the comments yesterday.  They made me feel so good and kept me moving forward with this quilt.  I should be getting the final finishing kit next week.  The inspiration got me going and I was able to get Block 31 and 32 done before the end of the weekend.

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For Design Wall Monday…


Hampton Ridge Design Wall Monday Blocks 1-30 August 24, 2014

Hampton Ridge
Design Wall Monday
Blocks 1-30
August 24, 2014


I took over the formal dining room of the house and that room had accordion doors that open up into the living room.  Then there is a regular door that connects the room with the kitchen.  I’ve had the accordion doors open as it’s the quickest route from my bedroom into the room.  It also makes me feel like I’m part of things when I’m in their working or sewing.  But with it being open, I do not have any open wall space to put up the design wall.  I decided to try having the accordion doors closed and have the design wall cover it.

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Have a great week!

~Wish I was quilting.


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  1. Hey!!! You got another two finished – You’re getting so close, now. It’s hard to stay motivated on these long, involved projects. I would say not to think in terms of being behind on this according to the kit mail-out schedule, and just focus on finishing “x” number per week until they’re finished. You don’t have a certain date you need the top finished by, do you? If not, there is no “behind.” 😀

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