2015 Goals – August Update

The last update I did was from May or June.  This is the last list of goals I posted and it was for June!  Not much has changed – but there has been some change. 🙂

1. Continue to count fabric in and out of my stash – Well, the good thing is that there have been no movement these last couple of months.  The last addition was from the Quilt Run in June and since then nothing in and nothing out. 🙂 

2. Concentrate on one thing at a time. –

  • Scrapitude
    • buy the border fabric and batting
    • cut and sew it on
    • determine what the backing is going to be
    • determine what the quilting is going to be
    • get this on Bailey and quilt it!
      • UPDATE: This sat in a bag for a long time and a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out and worked on it a little bit at a time.  Without a design wall, it was difficult and I played it by ear.  But it is done and now I’m ready to check my batting stash to make sure I’ve got enough batting; cut it down and start quilting!
  • Tell It To The Stars –
    • piece the backing for it
    • determine what the quilting is going to be
    • get this on Bailey and quilt it!
      • UPDATE: The back was finished in June and this is waiting on me to quilt it.  Since the move, Bailey and the frame is sitting patiently in the garage waiting for me to move it in.  I’ve told the hubby that I’m ready to quilt as soon as he’s ready to bring it in for me.  
  • Moon Glow –
    • cut and sew the borders on
    • buy batting
    • determine what the backing is going to be
    • determine what the quilting is going to be
    • get this on Bailey and quilt it!
      • UPDATE: Nothing has been done for this since June.  Now that Scrapitude is ready for quilting, I plan to get going on this project. 
  • Raining Cats and Dogs –
    • I need to look at where I am on this block and figure out what the next step is.   
    • Then I need to put this on my calendar so that I actually work on this a little bit at a time.
      • UPDATE: I’ve gotten half of the block applique’d on.  
  • Hampton Ridge –
    • Piece the rows together
      • UPDATE: Nothing has been done for this since June.  It’s on the docket once Moon Glow is complete. 
  • Mystery Quilt –
    • First clue is released on Thursday, 6/4 – retrieve the clue and complete it.
      • UPDATE: I’m not going to do this anymore.  

3. View and complete Craftsy Classes. –

Stephanie Japel’s Hats Four Ways – Work on the second project

UPDATE: Still working on this. 🙂

Finish the gardening class I started a few weeks ago. – write up a review for this one and post it 

UPDATE: I finished the class but I’m not going to write up a review.  I enjoy watching the gardening classes but I do not have the time to actually do any gardening right now. 

4. Complete projects from my craft books

Do the second project and make sure I have the supplies for the third project.

UPDATE: Not sure I have the mental capacity for this right now.  I may have to be okay with just getting 1 project done this year and let this goal go until I’m able to actually find time to do this more consistently.  I think my goals are shifting to using what I’ve got so rather than do projects in my books and getting the supplies for those projects – I would do projects I’ve got the supplies for.  

5. Scrap system?  – I think I need to get myself organized… Not sure how this is going to work but I need to figure out something really fast.

UPDATE: I’ve been thinking of this for awhile.  I need something quick and easy, otherwise I won’t use it.  I’ve set up bins.  They are not organized yet but they are in my closet.  For Bin#1 – I have a pillow case lining a small bin (like a trash can) that can easily be closed if I want to.  This bin sits next to me when I’m at my sewing machine.  This is the bin I put the scraps that are too small to do anything with.  I’m saving the bits for pet beds, or stuffing bits for packing or keeping breakable gifts safe.  The rest of the bins are thrown about haphazardly in my sewing room closet.  First, is the bits that are bigger than 1/2 an inch and can be pieced together randomly with other bits (Bin #2).  I piece these together when I want to sew but don’t want to think about what I’m doing.  DD is getting into doing these for me too as there are times when she, too, wants to sew but doesn’t want to get into a project that she doesn’t have the time to do.  The next 2 bins are in the closet somewhere but they haven’t been figured out.  I kind of mixed them up and I have to go through all the bins to separate these two out.  So, Bin #3 are bins smaller than a fat quarter but bigger than the bits in Bin #2.  I can usually cut these up into squares or strips if I wanted to.  Bin #4 are bigger than a fat quarter but not a full yard.  The rest of the bins are actual yards of fabric.  So Bins #1 and #2 are working well.  Bin #3 and Bin #4 and the yardage still need to be gone through and separated.  I have pre-cuts (fabric I actually pre-cut) stored somewhere and I’m not yet sure where I put them after I unpacked them.  Those will probably be with Bin #3.  When I get these organized more, I’ll figure out if I like it or not and if it works for me or not and I’ll let you know.

Here’s to a great year!

Happy Quilting!


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