Weekend Lineup


This weekend, the plan is to do a bit on Raining Cats and Dogs, do a bit on Hampton Ridge, do a bit on Celtic Solstice, and try to find something I enjoy doing that I can sprinkle Celtic Solstice into.

I was able to get some cutting done for the Celtic Solstice but I still need 50 more pairs of those little white HSTs I mentioned on a previous post. When I realized that I needed more I had a bunch of white larger triangles that I cut down to size.  Then I went through the Scrap Bin #3 to find any white/light cream scraps.  Well I cut them all and I still need 50 pairs.  So I went through Scrap Bin #4 and found more white fabric I can use.  Next step: press and cut.  But I’m thrilled that I was able to reduce the scrap bins!  It’s the little things in life we find enjoyment in, right?

Well since I’m bored with Celtic Solstice, I’m pulling the next project on my quilt list.  There are other things in my goal list – one is knitting and another one is finishing a mini-project like a bag or something.  But I’m not enthused about either of those items.  So, the next quilt project is the Corduroy quilt!  I’ll leave you with a picture from when I last worked on that project in 2014:

Razzle 20 blocks done 5/31/14

20 blocks done

Happy Quilting friends!


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