Monday Madness – 4/25/2016

Missing Ivy through step 9 4/23/16

Missing Ivy
through step 9

I didn’t get as much craftiness done this weekend as I thought I would get.  But I’m really happy with where Missing Ivy is ATM.  It would seem that it is almost done.  I need to do the 4 corners.  BUT it isn’t.  I snuck a peek at what’s coming next and it looks like I’ve got borders to do.  5 more steps.  That’s okay.  I am enjoying how this quilt is coming along.  Everyone has had kind words about this quilt pattern and if you go into my project page, you’ll see that this is Judy Laquidara’s Road to Brenham pattern of  I don’t always reference the designer when I’m working on the quilt and posting my updates but I like to put it on my project’s page for proper credit.

Last week’s to do list:

  1. baste Raining Cats and Dogs ….done…
  2. Hand work – Work a bit on A Rainbow Garden …  done
  3. Knit – keep working on the Rosie Hat … done
  4. Missing Ivy – pull out the project and do the next step … I need a little break from Celtic Solstice… done!  yay! 
  5. Celtic Solstice – press more Block A’s and top row of Block B … done
  6. Cross Stitch – keep working on the embroidery for the welcome project and get started on Farmland! … done

OMG – I did everything on my to do list!  woohoo!

This week’s to do list:

  1. Raining Cats and Dogs … Start the machine quilting on this on my domestic.
  2. Hand work – Work a bit on A Rainbow Garden …  I’d love Love LOVE to get Block 4 done this week.  I’ve got a bit more to do on the centers of the flowers but they’re tiny and I hope that I’ll be able to finish them up.
  3. Knit – keep working on the Rosie Hat …
  4. Cross Stitch – work on the embroidery for the top border and the first row of the 1st page of Farmland!
  5. Moon Glow – throw the practice pieces onto the frame and figure out my machine with the thread and bobbing and work out any tension issues.
  6. Missing Ivy – If I’m machine quilting Raining Cats and Dogs on my Bernina, I will not be able to work on Missing Ivy.  So… I moved this and Celtic Solstice to the bottom of this list.  If I get the machine quilting done (doubt it), I would like to get to step #10 and finish up those 4 corners.
  7. Celtic Solstice – work on piecing the bits for Block B while I’m working on step #10 for Missing Ivy.


I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Yea for working on every single goal. You deserve a pat on the back. (Or a piece of your favorite chocolate!) Missing Ivy is a gorgeous quilt in the making. Keep plugging away on it and you will have a finish soon, Of course, maybe not as soon as I think since you have a lot of other projects calling your name. Stay and course and all of a sudden you’ll start finishing all sorts of projects!

  2. Very pretty colors! I thought I recognized the pattern a little. Judy does put together good patterns. Congrats on marking off your whole to-do list. Not sure that happens more than rarely around here.

  3. I really like the solid colors you are using. They can be difficult to piece because they show everything, but you’ve done a great job. Good job also on the list. I don’t even make one. Maybe I should try it and I’d get more accomplished.

  4. Congratulations on all those dones on last week! The quilt top is looking good. Those corners will be great, and honestly? It could easily forego more borders if you don’t need more size. That’s a great top right there, and you don’t have to make it exactly like all the others. =)

    • Thanks Susan! You’re right about the borders! I get so into finishing the pattern that I forget that I can just stop at where I’m at. When I get back to this quilt, I’ll have to really look at it and decide whether I want to do the border or not. 🙂

  5. I am loving “Missing Ivy”….such a striking quilt. Thank you for sharing at Design Board Monday on Bits ‘n Bobs……look forward to keeping up with the progress.

  6. I like working from a weekly list. The weekly list helps keep me focus, and know what to do after I get home from work. I also want to put a crafty list every week on my blog. I love the colors of Missing Ivy. I can not wait to see the finished product.

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