2016 Goals – August End of the Month Update


My OMG goal for August is to quilt Hampton Ridge.

Hampton Ridge On the frame to be quilted with the Bernina Long Arm 8/27/2016

Hampton Ridge
On the frame to be quilted with the Bernina Long Arm

Hampton Ridge almost all quilted 8/28/2016

Hampton Ridge
almost all quilted

==> I didn’t get this done.  But I got most of it quilted.  I got 95% of it quilted over the weekend and then pulled it off the frame to finish up the borders.  I need more practice quilting the borders on the frame.  I have some of the borders quilted but not all.  So over the next week I’ll be working on finishing the quilting on 3 borders.

#1 – Get 6 quilts done in 2016

Quilt #1  – Tell It To The Stars – finished 2/20/2016

Quilt #2 – Scrapitude,2015 ==> finished 4/3/2016

Quilt #3 – Moon Glow – finished 7/30/2016

Quilt #4 – Hampton Ridge

==> Almost done quilting.  I need to go through the left over fabric and see if I have enough for binding or if I need to go through my stash or buy something.

Quilt #5 – Raining Cats and Dogs – top was finished on 4/9/2016.  Per my post yesterday, this is on the hand quilting frame. 🙂

Quilt #6 – Celtic Solstice – continue to piece bits as leaders/enders.

==> this is being worked on a bit at a time.  I’m working on piecing the third row of Block B.  I believe I’ve got 44 rows done and I need about 20 more.

Quilt #7  – Missing Ivy – finish step 14

==> working on these.  I ran out of fabric for the final borders and I have to go to my not so favorite LQS to see if they’ve got what I’m looking for.  I visited my favorite LQS and they didn’t have it so on to the not so favorite.  If they don’t have it, I’ll have to make some creative design decisions. 🙂

Quilt #8 – LQS 2012 BOM “Provence” – Continue working on the alternative block.

==> haven’t touched this all month.

#2 – Continue to count my stash, with a true effort to not add fabric on a whim.  

==> Added a lot this month with the guild’s treasure hunt.  I’m okay with that.  I washed all the fabric and while not everything is quilt shop quality or not 100% cotton, I folded them up and put it in my stash.  It barely fit.  Actually it didn’t fit, I had to use another bin that I had emptied out the last time I organized the stash closet.  🙂

#3 – Create a hobby budget a stick to it!  

My budget for the year was $3,000 and I surpassed it.  I’ve adjusted this goal to simply continue tracking how much I spend on my hobbies.

==> Current crafty spending for 2016 as of 8/31/2016 is $3,983.08.

#4 – Knit weekly

My goal for August is to get back to working on my purple socks each week.  I really need to work on this more than one weekend each month if I want these done in any sort of time frame.  I’ll change my goal so that I work on this once a week.  I just realized that I still have to do the other sock. ;0

==> I didn’t do this.  I think I worked on it once this month.  Football season is starting and I think I’ll pull these out and knit while watching one game a week.

#5 – Cross Stitch weekly

Mama's Bukid 7/28/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Mama's Bukid 8/25/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Now that the Welcome Project is done, I’m solely working on Mama’s Bukid.  I’m working on this a bit at a time and I’m happy with my progress so we’ll continue doing that.

#6 – Scrapbook

… The boy had to do some personal history project for school so we actually pulled out a box of pictures and older albums.  He actually read some of the stories.  It inspired me to start working on this again but not enough to actually do anything.  There is just not enough time to do this right now.

Here’s a link to my original 2016 Goals.

Here’s to a great year!




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  1. I think you’re doing a great job on your goals! I think you’ll easily reach six by the end of the year, even with the holidays coming. Did I understand right that you rented the Bernina to quilt the main center of the quilt, and you are doing the borders on your own machine? That’s amazing! I hope you finish soon and love it completely.

    • Thanks Susan! Yes! I rented the Bernina to quilt the main center of the quilt and I’m working on the borders on my machine at home. I need to learn to quilt onto borders so I don’t have to do that. I got into the habit with my bailey and I need to get out of that habit. 🙂

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