Stash Report – Week 20, 2017

It’s been about 10 weeks since I last posted a stash report.  And I really do not have much to say other than over the last 10 weeks, I attended my LQS anniversary sale, I was gifted a ton of yardage, and I didn’t finish anything other than a few drawstring bags.  I didn’t count anything in or out but I want to start back at it.  So I’m just going to say that I added 15 yards net in the last 10 weeks.  It might be over or under but if I try to be accurate I’m never going to jump back on this saddle.  And I really want to get back on this saddle.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used this week: 0 yards
  • Used year to date: 7.5 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yards
  • Added year to Date: 23 yards
  • Net ADDED for 2017: 15.5 yards

A few weeks ago I was about to give up counting stash altogether.  But since then I’ve gone to my LQS a number of times and bought more fabric.  Some of it was for projects I was working on or planning like my Civil War Diary quilt but there was a lot that I bought just to buy.  That’s when I knew I was in trouble and that I had to get back to my weekly stash reports.  I recognize that I purchase more fabric when I’m not quilting.  So by the third visit I decided to stop going to the LQS and really start using that time to quilt.  In addition, I also decided not to count my craft spending any more.  It really doesn’t help me reduce my spending and it just makes me feel guilty about how much I do spend.

Since I last posted a Stash Report, Judy decided to do away with hosting the linky for the Sunday Stash Reports.  Where is everyone posting now?


Slow Stitching Sunday

And for Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy at Kathy Quilts… I will continue to work on Block 7 for A Rainbow Garden!

Here’s where I was last time:

A Rainbow Garden
Block 7

And here I am now:

A Rainbow Garden
Block 7 – still in process

I’ll be working on that big center flower today and hopefully get that done.  I’ve still got a bunch of little pieces to add so I’m not sure how much longer it will be before I can count this block finished.

~happy crafting!


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~Have a quilty week!



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  1. I don’t know where they’re posting.

    I agree about buyingbwhenot you’re not quilting. That some where I got my ridiculous stash. But counting has really brought it down, more gradually now that I’ve been at it for a while. Hope you get more sewing soon!

  2. I picked up the stash report over at my blog for the same reason you posted again. I was afraid things would get way out of control if I stopped posting. Feel free to join in this weekend.

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