Frankenbatting and Secret Project #2

So I’ve been battling quilting fatigue or something.  Last year I completed 4 quilts and this year my plan was to quilt 6.  But I’ve only finished 2 and one of those was a baby quilt.  I have been on the knitting kick and my quilty life fell by the wayside.  On Sunday, I was able to get some of the mojo back and was able to finish the back of secret project #2.  I was on such a kick I decided to get the batting going and maybe get it basted and get the quilt under the needles.  That will give me something to do each evening quilty-wise.  But I reached a screeching halt.  I didn’t want to cut into a full batting so I pulled my bin of batting scraps and started piecing them together – frankenbatting style.  Well, I’m on my way to making the batting I’ve got 3 large pieces put together and I’m working on finishing it up.  But while I’ve got this bin out of the bottom of the closet, I’ve decided to work on frankenbatting and reduce the pile in my bin.

And that’s what I’m working on now.  I hope to get all the small pieces together and make a bunch of 30×30 squares which is about how much I can fit comfortably on my cutting mat.

~happy crafting!


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  1. I hit a dull thud in quilting yesterday and ended up cleaning my space. It was good, even though I really didn’t stitch much. Even getting that batting in check will be a good feeling. It doesn’t always have to be a quilt, even if we think it should be. Good for you!

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