2018 Crafty Plan – March plans


I wanted to touch base a bit on my 2018 annual plans. You can find the original post here and if you recall, it was a series of 3-4 posts.  The overarching theme is

  1. Use what I have
  2. Get rid of the things that I don’t love anymore
  3. Only buy things I will use now

I have to remind myself of this because it is often easier to go to my LQS and buy 2 yards that I “need” rather than go to the bottom of my fabric bins.  In fact, I really need to go through my stash for the last 2 yards for the back of Celtic Solstice.  Which leads me to my first quilty project: Celtic Solstice

  • Celtic Solstice – I would relaly like to get this done this month. I mean, finish the backing, prep the batting, and get this quilted.

For knitting:

  • Kayla’s Weasley Sweater – Finish the sleeves. I’m not sure how much more I need to do but I can smell the finish. I need to have Kayla try this on and see how much longer I need to go on the sleeves.  I hope that I can get this finished this month. Since I’m a newer sweater knitter I can’t tell whether that is doable or not.
  • The March socks in Knitting Expat’s Sock Club.
  • Land of Sweets Cowl – I need to take a picture of this for my next knitting update.  Now that the Martine Hat is finished I moved one of my projects up to the third primary position.  The plan is to work a round every day.

For cross stitching:

  • Mama’s Bukid – Finish row 10 (which I’m very close to finishing), row 11, and row 12.
  • Gamer Nouveau – Just keep doing what I’m doing. This is not a priority project so keep doing a bit every day as I feel like it and see where I am at the end of the month.  I do want to get a scroll frame for this project. I outgrew the small plastic hook I had and I’m currently using a small QSnap.   I have a larger QSnap that I will use but once this project outgrows the larger QSnap, I plan to get another scroll frame.  I do want to save some money for this though as I don’t need it right now.

~Happy crafting!


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