Glam Clam – My new primary WIP

Now that Good Fortune is done, I’m ready to work on Glam Clam.

Here is how it looks now:

In 2017, I took a class with Latifa Saafir with the Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  And since then I’ve slowly been piecing a row at a time at retreats.  It’s not hard but I do pin a lot. and it takes a lot of brain power for me so all I can do was a row at a time.  I found my original picture when I laid out the clams…

and I only have 2 rows left and this top is done.  Don’t hold your breath because those two rows may take me some time to do…

Oh – and I’ll probably do the back for Good Fortune when I’m ready to quilt it.

~ Happy Quilting!



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