2021 Crafty Plans, March

February is over and just as I was late in posting my Feb update, I am late in posting my March plans. I have them, the plans, always as I feel like I plan every day for something, I just forget to post it. I like posting it though because I can see what I’ve accomplished and that helps me clarify what my next steps are and keeps me moving forward. Even though I don’t do the weekly to do lists like I used to. As always, I went into extensive detail on my plans here, for quilty here, for knitty here, and for cross stitch here.

Here’s the short list:

Quilts –

  • Jan Krentz – Diamond Star – still working on… I haven’t touched it at all
  • Bonnie Hunter – Grassy Creek – I finished Clue 4 and I need to get started on Clue 5. See here for the most recent post.
  • Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Radiant Jewel
  • Gardenvale
  • Allietare
  • Civil War Diary Quilt

Hand work

  • Hawaiian block – finished top. At the moment, it’s hanging around where I can enjoy it. I’m still enjoying it so I’m in no rush to do anything with this project.
  • Raining Cats and Dogs – I continue to work a bit on this every Sunday. I wish I had the time to do a bit of quilting every day as I need the practice. It’s been a long time since I’ve hand quilted and I’m slowly starting to get back in the groove. I forgot how much I like hand quilting.
  • Rainbow Garden – I’ve not touched this in about a year. I still haven’t touched it.
  • Simple Days BOM – I started this and you can see my update here.
  • Halloween quilt – I’ve not touched this in many years. 🙂


  • My Weasley Sweater – my Q1 goal was to knit the back and I finished that. So I’ve set this aside until Q2.
  • 24 days of Christmas Shawl from Jimmy Bean – finished! I am done weaving in the ends, so I need to get this blocked and then do my glamour shots. The weather is turning rainy and overcast this week so I hope I can do this over the weekend.
  • Water Lily – finished knitting! I’m working on weaving in the ends during my Thursday knit nights.
  • Beanie for Kayla
  • Tranquil Mist – This is on my priority knitting project now and I try to do a row every day.
  • Orient Express – I work on this one weekly and it’s still small enough that I enjoy it.
  • Blue Hat – pulled this out of hibernation, wound the second skein of yarn and have picked this back up for knit nights.

Cross Stitching

  • Gamer Nouveau – I haven’t touched this in weeks. I tried to get that one page done and didn’t and now I haven’t touched this. This is why focusing on one project doesn’t work for me because then I tend to not want to touch it for a long time. I’m trying to get over this.
  • A Stitch In Time – I am working on this one and I’m trying to get a diagonal done before going back to Gamer.
  • Shades of Red
  • Autumn Owls
  • Titania
  • Tsuru kame
  • Unicorn

And I realize that I didn’t even mention my to be quilted list… here.

  • Staycation – is finished! got this done before February ended!
  • Good Fortune
  • Glam Clam
  • SoCal Quilt Run Area 4 Mystery Quilt from 2012
  • SoCal Quilt Run Area 4 Mystery Quilt from 2012
  • Provence
  • saved top from the august treasure hunt some years ago – I’m calling this my Orange quilt top and since this was at the top of my to be quilted pile, this is the one I’m working on next. I hope to get this finished in March but with 2 workshop classes and a very busy work schedule, I’m not going to be upset if I can’t finish it. I just want to be sure to work on it every weekend to help push me forward on getting this done!!!

I hope this isn’t so boring for you as it’s simply a short (but very long) list to quickly refer to everything I’m working on.

Happy Crafting!


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