Monday of week 12, 2021

I don’t usually post my plans or to dos for the week. I used to and it helped a lot. But since then I had a couple of years of not getting any of those things done and I got tired of saying, not done, I’ll do better next time. So I stopped. I haven’t done it since. I started approaching tasks a different way by scheduling blocks of time to accomplish things. the intention is not to finish or complete things but to spend a bit of time working on a particular thing. I’m a process crafter as opposed to a product person. Anyway, this week is going to be busy so I wanted to post my blocked times. These are all evenings (after dinner things) as I work until 5 every day.

Monday – go to Mindy’s and help her set up a new to her frame and long arm. I don’t have all the details as to what she got and stuff but on Saturday, we trekked over to Simi and disassembled a frame and long arm. It was an adventure but we didn’t have the energy to put it together when we got it to her house. The plan is to do it on Monday. On her part, she has to clean up the location where she wants to put it so hopefully that gets done. Otherwise, it will wait a bit longer.

Tuesday – Minigroup with my quilty friends via Zoom. I have to get my pieces done for my cushion class in 2 weeks so I’ll be working on that. Normally I use this time for hand work but I’m in a time crunch so I have to prioritize the cushion class project.

Wednesday – Cushion Class gathering via Zoom – a group of my quilty friends who are taking the class just want to get together while we work on the class project. That way if anyone has any questions, we can ask each other while we move this project along. Before we get together, I have to go to the gardening center and buy a humongous pot for my dragon fruit. I have 2 cuttings to plant. The hubby has already built the trellis but the original pot I bought is too small for it. So I need to buy a bigger pot and I want to buy strawberries. I need something else but I can’t remember right now so hopefully it comes to me before I go to the nursery.

Thursday – knit night – all the knitting projects will be worked on.

Friday – Tomatania starts Friday. I’m not sure if this event extends outside of Southern California and this is my first time participating. But at Tapia Brothers, they will be selling all kinds of tomato plants and other things. I’m planning on buying 3-4 tomato plants. And when I get home, work on my cushion class project.

Saturday – Plant the tomato plants, the dragon fruit and strawberries. Feed my worms and turn the compost. And when all that is done, get the batting prepped for the orange quilt top and then continue working on my cushion class project.

Sunday – post my Sunday stash report. And on Sunday mornings, my guild hosts a Sunday Funday on zoom About 12 of us get together on average to hang out. As with my minigroup, I usually do handwork. But this week I’ll be focusing on my cushion class. Maybe I’ll do a post every evening I’m supposed to work on the cushion project so you can see how far I get each day.

Happy crafting, friends!


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  1. Hmm, interesting idea to set time block goals versus project goals. I did set a goal of 1000 stitches per day (average) which is along that idea. Your talk about gardening makes me wish for spring here in Ohio. We have to wait till May to plant anything to avoid frost.

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