This cushion class, update #3

I really thought this would be done by now. Last I wrote about this was a couple of weeks ago, here. I had just started on the pineapple blocks.

Finished Pineapple blocks

Then I had to do my big stitch quilting. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not but I always try things at least once (sometimes multiple times, but at least once!) So I tried it on the flying gees.

And I loved it. I decided to big stitch all the blocks. With that decision, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to get all the pieces done before the next class on 3/28. So I took my time and enjoyed the process. I figured I could watch the class, do the moving of the screens (I am the zoom person my guild looks to in these situations), and stitch. This would also take the stress out of having to try to keep up with the class as it felt like a race. And so that’s what I did.

I finished the big stitch quilting on all the pieces the Monday night after the class, 3/29.

If you read my Monday to do post, you’ll know that last week was a difficult week to get anything done. So here’s the little bit I got done after that.

I attached the welting/cording to both sides.

Friday night I put the zipper together. The instructor said this is the technique she was taught during home ec. I do not know how old the instructor was but I never took home ec. It was the easiest zipper technique I learned and I hope I remember to use this method the next time I put a zipper on.

Then I covered the handle with my fabric choice, which was the background fabric of the pieces.

Then I put the zipper (at the bottom), the handle and the side piece (flying geese) together. I loved the look but quickly realized that I had put the handle wrong side up. I ripped and redid.

So hear is where I’m at. I hope to get this finished this week. There is not much more left to do. I have to attach the side to the top piece and then the bottom to that, and that’s it. Hopefully it fits.

Happy Crafting!


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