September 2022

Life is starting to get back into busy mode. I have to remind myself to take things slow as I am a process crafter. For the most part at least.

This month my goal is to finish Provence. I am almost done with the back. it’s the right width now and I need about 30” to make it the right height. I still have to measure it and figure it out.

Provence – completed top…

I’m also starting two maybe three new quilts. I’m part of my local quilt guild and I support it by attending all the workshops. I encourage all my friends to go with me so we usually fill 6 spots or so. This month Dora Carey of Orange Dot Quilts will be teaching ‘Arabesque’. So I’ll be starting that. I pulled fabric for it yesterday but I’m not exactly thrilled with my selection. I love all the fabric but I’m not sure if this quilt is the right choice. I have to figure this out pretty quick as the workshop is in a couple weeks and we have homework.

The second quilt is a disappearing 9 patch sew along that one of my friends is hosting for our guild. I’ve always wanted to do one of these and just haven’t gotten around to it. So I get to support my friend and finally get around to doing a disappearing 9 patch.

The possible third quilt is Tula’s Butterfly Quilt that took over social media several months ago. The kit finally came in and I just want to dive into all those pretty fabric. This is the only thing I truly want to work on.

I know… I have too many quilts starting and I still have several finished tops that need to be quilted. I’m a little down about the amount of WIPs I’ve got. I started a bunch this year because of my guilds workshops and I already have my retreat projects that I only work on at retreats. I think I need to go over my list of projects and start planning my upcoming crafty goals. It’s starting to get to the end of the year and reviewing what I’ve finished and what I still got to do always make me feel better about ny crafting state.

Stay crafty friends and don’t let the WIPs and UFOs overwhelm you!


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