a little crafty depression

I’m a little depressed about how many WIPs and UFOs I have. And there are so many things I want to do. Not to mention all the new projects being planned for upcoming guild workshops and friend quilt-a-longs. There is not enough time and so much to do.

Yesterday I was basting Provence. It was so big, I had a hard time getting it together and evened out. I usually spray baste but it was unwieldy. So first I laid it out on the floor and started pinning. I hate pin basting. One side came up short. I thought, it can’t really be short I must have pin basted a ton of puckers on the back. I did. So then I took it to my iron and took out pins on half of one side and proceeded to spray baste the back and the front. Normally I just do the front and once all that is done I do the back. I’m not sure what got into me but I decided to do both from and back. I think I just forgot since it’s been so long since I’ve basted.

It was hot and I was having a hard time. Halfway through I decided to just do the front. But I was short again! This could not be right. I probably didn’t fix those puckers well enough. So I turned the quilt over and started again. This time only spray basting the back. I got to the other side and it was still short. So… yes there were puckers but not enough to fix the short side. That was 6 hours of work. Doing something that normally takes me 2. I was very depressed because nothing I wanted to do got done.

I sat on the floor and stared up into my lovely fabric stash. But I didn’t see the loveliness and my mood did not improve. All I saw was every single WIP and UFO that was sitting on the floor and in my shelves. I thought it would make me feel better if I wrote it all down. Lists generally help calm my mind when anxiety starts to kick in. It didn’t help me this time around. It got worse. I left my sewing room and watched tv with the hubby before heading off to bed.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Slightly coocoo,


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  1. You are definitely not alone, Melanie, and I’m so sorry that basting process did not go well. Some days things just do not work. I have a large bin full of large quilt tops, and a small bin of little quilt tops. I am trying not to join in so many sew alongs, but finding it is not fun not to. So yeah, I understand the feelings you are having. Do something that you enjoy, even if it’s working on another top. Life is too short to beat ourselves up. Tackle that basting again another day.

  2. Some days it’s good to just walk away and do something else. Don’t give up. I know to leave a project and work on it another day when I’m tired and pushing myself too hard… that’s when the mistakes happen!

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