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Mostly moved

There is only a handful of large items left at the old house and the hubby plans to grab those over the weekend. Then we need to clean it up and hope the property management do not ding us too hard.

But here’s the state of my sewing room at the new house!

I thought you’d like to see this chaos.

Happy quilting. By the way, I used this opportunity to take my big machine for her annual spa treatment. That way I only have to move her once. By the time I have her back I should have my sew-ezi table in place to set her in.

Happy Friday friends


internet day…

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to install internet at the new house. We had 4 cable lines, one in each room, none in the living or family rooms. We tried each and none of them worked.

Because of Covid, a tech couldn’t come out until today to figure out why. And he discovered it pretty quickly.

All of the lines had been cut from the outside. Why would someone do that? We assumed to make it look pretty. But then why would they leave the ugly cables inside and on the roof with the old dishes and extra lines? Who knows what people think…

I’ve found so many surprising things in this house but those will wait for a later day.

~keep on crafting my friends!


My weekly crafty update

So much has gone on over the last week.  

I finally finished this quilt top. As a reminder, it’s Area 4’s mystery quilt from the 2012 SoCal Quilter’s Run.  And, I somehow got all the kits except the finishing instructions. I pieced all the blocks last year (2019) at a little Sunday quilt gathering at my friend, Tova’s house. We met every Sunday for a long while. Then I started taking garment sewing classes and other friends got theater season tickets, then Covid happened.  We now meet on Zoom and our little 5 person group has expanded to about 12-13.  Anyway, every week I worked on these blocks until they were finished. I didn’t document when I started although I could probably figure it out if I truly want to (I don’t).  All the blocks were done and then I put them away to tackle at a quilt retreat. The best things about retreats are the collective minds who help puzzle through problems.  I didn’t have the finishing instructions so at the first and last retreat I went to this year in early March “BC” (before covid-19) I put the blocks up and figured out how I wanted it to go.  I took a picture and carefully put them back in my project bin in order with careful instructions as to how it supposed to go.  I actually found a place I want to pick out.  It’s the second row on the top. the second from the left and the second from the right need to be switched so that it would match the bottom.  I don’t normally correct things that I find if I find it this far along the process.  But my eye is drawn to it and I cringe so I’m going to take it apart.


Moving Again

And we are moving again. It’s been a little over a year since our last move and it’s that time again. I love where we are living but the house is on the older side and hasn’t been kept up. So I am looking forward to moving to a home with dual pane windows that we can easily open and close.  It’s also a bigger house with a room for my sewing. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always had a room for my sewing.  In actuality it’s usually my office that I stuff my sewing in.  But now, I get to separate my office stuff and my sewing.  The computer and office stuff will be in my daughter’s room. Since she’s away in college she’s only home during the summer and school breaks so when she’s here, I can work from my laptop in my sewing room . And when she’s not home I can work in her room.  I love being able to separate my office and my craft room. I’ve worked from home for 15 years now and I still run into problems stopping working.  Having that separation will help a lot.  In addition, computers are loud. It will be nice to not have to hear it all the time.

Project bags

I’ve started packing and pulled all my project bags from my cabinet.  This is where I stuff them when the yarn is matched up with a pattern and is simply waiting for the time it gets space in my knitting rotation.  Every bag contains a wonderful surprise for me. 🙂


RBG fabric

In honor of RBG and her passing, I purchased this fabric. I can’t wait to get it and make masks for the strong young women in my life.

Happy Crafting!



A finally got some quilting done…

I’ve got a few quilts in queue to be quilted… I think I have 6. Could be more or less but the number is somewhere around that. I’m still not very comfortable with the Q20 and when it was unthreaded a few weeks ago I’ve been apprehensive about threading it. My daughter has been using the room the Q20 is in so… not bothering her has been my excuse for weeks. But we know the truth…she is not worried about me bothering her.

I finally bit the bullet and watched a youtube video and threaded the machine. It’s not hard and I knew it wouldn’t be. It’s always these little things that block me from moving forward on a given project. But I did it today and quilted these little mug rugs to help me get more comfortable with my machine. I have about 5-6 left to quilt that gradually get bigger. I have no plans or goals to do it but one of these days I will have to do the 15 minute of FMQ a day. It’s been awhile and so can’t remember who started that. Let me know if you know.

All I have to do next is bind them and then I’ll put them in my giveaway bag.

Always, stay safe,


More Bread, the weekend baker

So after a few weeks of bread making, it’s just a lot of bread and way too much for my family and I to consume. I started giving away bread to friends and family who were willing to come by and do a pick up.  But I can’t keep doing that. So I’m switching to a weekly bake.  I put my starter in the fridge after my normal feed on Sunday morning and took it out yesterday morning (Wednesday). Again, I went to and there is a detailed weekly schedule for a weekend baker.  Their schedule has me taking the starter out Thursday for a Sunday bake.  I want to bake on Saturday so I moved it up a day.

Hopefully I continue this journey when we are allowed out again. I loved bread making a few years ago but stopped for some reason. I can’t remember why and I’m really happy to get back into and I love how my breads are turning out now.

Happy Thursday!



day 31

First I have so much to be grateful for. I don’t want to complain when there are so many people that have real things to complain about.  But I’m struggling right now.

That’s all.

If only the sun would come out.

It will get better in an hour. I’m about to zoom with my quilt guildees and they are always an uplifting group.





Welcome to the family

I finally got the boxes unpacked and I put this baby together. It was pretty easy. I watched SewVeryEasy’s unboxing video on YouTube several times. Then I watched each section again as I followed in real life.  It was much easier than trying to go through the instructions which wasn’t hard either but video was better for me than reading or deciphering the pictures for the instructions.  Once the machine was put together, the hubby and I rearranged the whole living room area to accommodate it.  The current set up opens up the room a bit more and I really like it. We will try it out and see how it plays out.

All that to say, once it was put together, I was too tired to actually play with it.  I’m hoping to today.  I’ve got some work stuff and my sewing room/office is a mess.  At this moment, it is hard for me to work when I’ve got too many projects scattered around me.  I have a problem figuring out what to work on first. 🙂 So, this blog, some work, put things away in my sewing room and then play on the Q20 is on the docket today.

Happy Sunday and I hope you are able to craft to your heart’s content!