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Design Wall & BOM Away Monday

Design Wall 10/21/2013

Design Wall 10/21/2013

I’m linking to both Design Wall Monday and BOM Away Monday.  My design wall includes the finished Block 1 of the Hampton Ridge BOM that I finished early last week.

Hampton Ridge BOM Block 1 Completed  October 14, 2013

Hampton Ridge BOM
Block 1 Completed
October 14, 2013

I’ve got an unfinished block from Lucky Star BOM (January 2013) up there as well.  I’m working on that one a bit at a time it seems.  By the time I get to that block I’m at the end of my quilty time and I have just enough steam left to just do one of the parts.  I have a few more days to finish it before the end of the month so there’s no rush.  Really there is no rush at all.  It’s not like I need to have anything done by a certain time.  No one needs any of the quilts I make as soon as possible.  Obviously that’s different if I’m making a gift that has a deadline.  Which I haven’t done yet so no worries there.  Some times in the ever need to finish something to add to my blog or reduce my stash I feel a rush to get things done.  Or maybe it’s just the day and age where faster is better.  I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the process.  I’ll get done what I can but I want to make quality work, learn as I go and experience the pleasure of quilting – whether it is the sound of my sewing machine or the comfort of hand work.

See more design walls at Patchwork Times and more finished BOMs at  .

Wish I was quilting.


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  1. I just started the Hampton ridge BOM too. I was a little surprised at the finished size of the blocks. In the picture of the finished quilt they looked larger to me. It is a fun quilt though, I’m looking forward to each block being different.

    • Me too! I know it said the size initially but 7.5″ finish didn’t translate in my head until I saw the finished block…and worked with the little pieces. I’m excited though – the finished quilt is amazing!

  2. I think that has to be the whole point behind what we do when we are quilting. If we don’t enjoy the process, why do it. It turns from something that refreshes our lives to something that is merely another chore.

    • Exactly right! I have to keep reminding myself because I get so consumed with goals and lists and due dates that I forget that these are self-inflicted due dates. And when I want to miss a due date- it’s okay. The world will not come crashing down! ☺

  3. I, too, sometimes allow DWM to push me but I am learning to notice when I feel that way and slow down. I love what I do and it is supposed to be relaxing. Even with a deadline, I try to start early enough to work at my own pace (not always possible). If I am smiling while I am in my studio, I know I am doing all right.

    • I love giving myself deadlines because otherwise nothing will ever get done. But I’m learning to not give those deadlines too much power because at the end of the day – I’m playing with fabric and doing something that I enjoy. 🙂

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