Monday’s POA – week 14, 2018

Here were my goals from the week before:

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, row 12 – finish the row – DONE
  • Celtic Solstice – This upcoming weekend we are having a small get together for the boy’s birthday so I will not be able to quilt this project.  I will see if I can schedule time to rent the long arm for the first weekend of April.  – NOT DONE
  • Rainbow Garden – do a little bit of work on this on Sunday. And wouldn’t it be great to get this finished and get block 9 started? – DONE
  • Knitting projects:
    • Derive socks – March pattern for the Wanderlust Sock Club
      • Finish the foot and toe and finish these socks! – DONE
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – Mattress stitch the pieces and then work on the neck.  Wouldn’t it be great to get all the ends woven in and have this as a finish this week? – NOT DONE
    • Cowl – continue to do a round a day on this project. – I work on this when I have time to get in a third primary project in so I do not always have time to do this every day. I’m happy to make a little progress each week and right now I’m about halfway done with it. 

And for this week’s goals, here’s what I want to get done.

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, finish row 13 and get halfway through row 14. It would be great to have this page finished but I think that would be too much in one week.
  • Celtic Solstice – I would like to get the batting done this week and rent the long arm sometime in the next few weeks. If I can rent it on a Sunday that would work really well for me.  I’m just not sure they are open on Sundays for me to do that.
  • Rainbow Garden – prep block 9 – you know the prep, trace all the pieces on freezer paper, cut, put it on the wool, cut again, etc. that will take some time but needs to happen so I can have something to work on.
  • Knitting projects:
    • Nestled socks – April pattern for the Cosy Sock Club
      • Print the pattern, pick the yarn, and cast on! … my favorite part.
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – Mattress stitch the pieces and then work on the neck.  I’m almost done with the mattress stitch. I think I’ve only got one sleeve left which may take me 3 days.  Then I can start working on the neck. I’m not sure what that will entail but I will figure it out when I get there.  I do not think I will be finished with it this week but I want to get the mattress stitch done and get started on the neck.  🙂
    • Cowl – continue to do a round a day on this project. (dori’s voice) Just keep stitching.. just keep stitching…

Happy Crafting!


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