Monday of week 19, 2021

Short List – May goals

  • Top 3 piecing quilts – Dancing with the Stars, Grassy Creek, Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  • Hand work – Simple days, Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Knitting – morning socks, Weasley Sweater (front)
  • Cross Stitching – just do a bit on my weekly project every day (whatever tiny decisions selects)
  • To Be Quilted – Finish the orange quilt (finish quilting, add the label, do the binding, take a nice picture and post about it)

How I did last week –

Blooming Bouquets #2 Cheerful

  1. For my cross stitch – Blooming Bouquets #2: Cheerful – I stitched 4 times last week and below is a picture of where I left off.
  2. continue knitting on my morning socks and do at least 10 rows on my Weasley Sweater. – DONE
  3. Gardening – Plant the seedlings Julie gave me, as well as the others I bought this weekend. 🙂 – I did get a number of these planted but I still have a few more to plant. We got hit with a brief heat wave and my seedlings wilted by the end of each day of heat. I had to water twice a day to keep them going and it looks like they will be fine.
  4. Quilting
    1. finish quilting the orange quilt top – DONE
    2. Simple Days – continue embroidering the 3rd block of the January clue – worked on this and I’m still working on it.
    3. Dancing with the stars – continue piecing more of block A – worked on this a bit more and I’m still working on it.
    4. Pull out Grassy Creek and start clue – NOT done

This Week:

  1. Cross Stitch – this week I’m working on my Dragonfly piece.
  2. Knitting – do 10 more rows on my Weasley Sweater and do the heels on my morning socks.
  3. Gardening – finish planting the seedlings I have. I will be making my bi-weekly trip to Sego Nursery, my local garden nursery that I love to go to and check out what they have. I’m looking for nasturtiums, more basil, more mint, and whatever else I find.
  4. Quilting:
    1. orange quilt top – get label and binding ready
    2. simple days, continue to embroider the 3rd block of the January clue.
    3. Dancing with the stars – continue piecing more of Block A
    4. Pull Out Grassy creek and start clue 5.

Happy crafting, friends!


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