TGIF, 9/11/2015

Moon Glow with 2 borders on 9/11/2015

Moon Glow
with 2 borders on

Despite being laid up this week I was able to get 2 borders on.  The plan is to get the last 2 borders on this weekend.   And hopefully I’ll be able to miter the corners and have the quilt top finished!

Moon Glow Strewn about on the floor 9/11/2015

Moon Glow
Strewn about on the floor

Afterwards, I’ll set it aside and work on Raining Cats and Dogs!  I’m not sure if I’ll take Moon Glow out again or if I’ll work on something else but here is the next few steps left for Moon Glow:

  1. Measure the top
  2. Determine how much backing I need and measure the backing fabric I have to see if it is enough.
  3. Embroider the label
  4. Piece the back
  5. Set the top and back aside for quilting. It is now the third quilt ready for quilting. :0
  6. Clear up the bits and pieces of leftover fabric and put it in the various scrap bins I’ve set up for my new scrap system.

If I’ve got time, the next project on my list is Hampton Ridge. So far, I’m being a monogamous quilter; working on one project at a time.  Part of it has to do with my space.  The other part has to do with the part of the project I’m working on.  I was on the border part for Moon Glow.  I had to finish that step before I moved on to another project.  I’m sure when I get to piecing things again, I’ll be able to work on a different project every weekend. 🙂  If I remember correctly (and I might be wrong) I’ve got the rows pieced for Hampton Ridge.  I need to piece the rows together to finish the inner top and then get the border on.  And then get the back together for it.  Then this will be 4th in line for quilting.  ;0

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I am jealous! I bought the kit and haven’t even started it! I heard some negative comments about the way the quilt went together on a podcast and I was afraid to start it! Looks like you didn’t have any trouble! Congratulations!

    • Thanks Joellen! The instructions were a little difficult at first because there were instructions for foundation paper piecing, plus the traditional method, and maybe even another method. So you pick which one you want to use and follow those instructions. It was unclear to me the first couple of blocks but once you get the hang of it, it comes together smoothly. Most of the time I used paper piecing but every once in awhile I went old school and prepped plastic templates. It depended on the block and how I felt. You might want to search my blog for moon glow as I wrote up a post on each of the blocks as to how easy or not it was for me and what I did for them. Keep in mind I wasn’t proficient at foundation paper piecing before I started this project. 🙂

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