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So I’m getting to the end of my quilt list for 2015.  At the beginning of the year that list was:

Flowers and Baskets was completed.  Scrapitude and Tell It To the Stars are in queue to be quilted.  Moon Glow will be joining the queue this weekend.  That leaves

Hampton Ridge is very close to being done and Raining Cats and Dogs is a hand project.  And I’m working on the last block for that so that will soon be in the finishing stages too.  That leaves

I have to be honest and say that I’m not thrilled with the last two.  I enjoyed working on the mysteries while it was going on but after the reveal, I didn’t like them.  Although Celtic Solstice has grown on me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve got a lot of those little pieces done.  I don’t know. Anyway, I went through some of my project bins and in the mind of simplifying my life got rid of some of the miscellaneous projects that have accumulated.  Most of them were small projects that were given to me for free somewhere.  I’m never going to work on them so I got rid of them.  I think Grand Illusions will be going that way as well.  I’ve still kept them all together because I did finish 1 or 2 steps.  But I’m revamping my list and Grand Illusions is moving down.  And since I haven’t loved the last two Bonnie Hunter mysteries, I’m not sure I’ll be playing along this year.  I enjoy playing – it’s just a lot of work for something I may not end up liking.  Here’s the new list:

A lot of these still do not even have their own pages yet.  ;0  They were mentioned in blog posts but I never set up the pages.  My excitement is mounting but I think I’m getting the urge to quilt.  The plan is to get the Moon Glow done.  Spend some time with Raining Cats and Dogs and then… bring in bailey from the garage.  I’ll have to practice some, trim down the batting and backing for Tell It To The Stars and then if I feel good, get that baby on the frame to be quilted.

Happy Quilting friends!


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  1. That’s a bit of a quandry, but if you really don’t like it, you can donate it somewhere. Box it up and send it to me, and I’ll use the pieces to make an American Hero quilt, for instance. I’ll pay postage. But there are lots of charities which would love to have it. I don’t think there’s any point in working on something you don’t even like. That’s more like torture than fun! Especially when you have several projects you DO want to do. You’ve made a lot of progress this year!

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