WIP Wednesday – 10/21/2015

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve set Celtic Solstice aside for a bit.  Step 5 took way too long but it’s done now.  Catching up with my long time UFO, Razzle, in the meantime…

Razzle is made up of corduroy fabric.  I love the fabric.  It’s so fun and soft!  But not so fun to piece with.  There is a LOT of lint and fuzz and I have to clean my sewing machine a lot.

I need 49 of these strips:

Razzle Strips Need 49 10/20/2015

Need 49

Most of them are still at this stage:

Razzle Strips 10/20/15


But are hanging out at the pressing station:

Razzle  Pressing Station 10/20/2015

Pressing Station

I’ll be taking time pressing today and will work on getting the other side of that white strip pieced together to the unit.

Here are the blocks that they will be sashing:

Razzle 20 blocks done 5/31/14

20 blocks done

Yup, the last time I worked on this project was May of 2014!  Time sure flies…

For those checking in from Freshly Pieced… Thanks for stopping by!

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. Hi, Melanie! Gosh, I love this Razzle fabric. 🙂 That’s going to be a cool quilt with the soft corduroy. Hey – I’m going to answer the email here from your comment on my DOD Americana post. (The email notice for that says no-reply-blogger, so I think if I email-answer it, it won’t get to you?) Tracing my pencil drawing on the newsprint paper with the Sharpie bled through the newsprint nicely for my purpose. I had scrap paper underneath so it wouldn’t also get on my cutting mat. There wasn’t a whole lot on that scrap paper. When I then flipped the newsprint over and traced the bleed-through lines onto some fusible, I did not have any transference of the Sharpie ink. It had dried for a couple hours, though, while we went to the movies.

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