Marvalous Monday!

Spooky Halloween Row 1, Block 4 finished! 7/18/2016

Spooky Halloween
Row 1, Block 4


Here was my list last week:

  • Moon Glow … trim, prep the label, prep the binding … done
  • knit the purple socks
  • Spooky Halloween
    • Row 1, block 4 – continue embroidering … done
    • Row 2, block 1 – applique
    • Row 3 – find the blocks to piece and piece them
  • Missing Ivy  … finish putting the rows together to complete the inner top. … done … 
  • Raining Cats and Dogs … hand quilt every day … not done.  I quilted two days of this week.
  • Cross StitchWelcome project – finish this now that I have the floss.  For Bukid, work on the fourth row.  … Welcome project is done! yay and I’m working on Bukid … 
  • Celtic Solstice – Continue to work on Block B as leaders and enders.

So this week, here’s my target:

  • Moon Glow … attach the binding
  • Celtic Solstice – I’ve got a number of individual rows done for Block B.  I think it’s time to put them all together and see how many rows I still need to prep.  Hopefully I’m pretty close to being done with the individual rows and I can start working on putting those blocks together soon.
  • Provence – pull it out and figure out what I need to do next.  According to my notes, it looks like I’ve got one block left and then the alternative blocks.  If that’s the case then I would like to finish the last block.
  • Spooky Halloween … Row 2, block 1 – applique
  • Have yourself a Quilty Little Christmas … Month 1: Block 2 and 3 and create my project page.
  • Raining Cats and Dogs … hand quilt …
  • Cross Stitch – For Bukid, continue working on the 4th row.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. I love your Halloween Row by Row. I saw it in an online shop for a BOM, but it was a little pricey that way!

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