2021 Crafty Plans, May Update and June plans

Another late post…

As always, I went into extensive detail on my plans here, for quilty here, for knitty here, and for cross stitch here.

Here’s the short list:

Quilts –

  • Jan Krentz – Diamond Star – At some point, I started working on this project again. I applique’d a center star and chose my border fabric. I plan to get the border done in April
    • Finished the top! 4/25/2021
  • Bonnie Hunter – Grassy Creek – I finished Clue 4 and I need to get started on Clue 5. See here for the most recent post.
    • I haven’t touched this since I posted this. Dancing with the stars jumped the line.
    • Clue 5 has two parts and I finished the first part. I’m almost done with Dancing with the stars so I’m going to finish that before pulling this out again.
  • Scrappy Stars Around the Corner – no progress
  • Dancing with the Stars – I pulled this project out because Linda Ballard will be coming to our guild in 2022 and I want this quilt finished when she comes.
    • I finished the inner top 6/13/2021 and I’m starting on the border next.
  • Radiant Jewel – no progress
  • Gardenvale – no progress
  • Allietare – no progress
  • Civil War Diary Quilt – no progress
  • Judy Niemeyer = Double Wedding Ring quilt – I started this with my Sunday quilty friends in January 2020 at a monthly class at one of our local quilt shops. Then covid happened and the world shut down. I got all the rings done and in October 2020 met with the teacher to help me get to the next step. But I didn’t touch it again until now. In fact, it wasn’t on my list of things I wanted to get done this year. But then the teacher set up a zoom session and suddenly, this is now on the list.
    • This was added to my list this month. My friend and I started this project in January 2020 with the intention of doing it together. But I’m very much a process crafter and I’ve not enjoyed working on this with my friend. When the pandemic hit, we put a pause on working on this because we were going to a monthly class that helped us move this along. That obviously ended in March 2020 and we hadn’t felt comfortable going back when they resumed classes. We tried last fall and got our next steps and started actually moving forward soon after the cushion project was done. Unfortunately, I’ve not enjoyed it. I am a bit competitive and working with someone brings that out in me. I feel like it’s a race when it shouldn’t be. This is all me and nothing to do with my friend. As a result I am setting it aside. I don’t want to feel that kind of pressure when quilting.

Hand work

  • Hawaiian block – finished top. At the moment, it’s hanging around where I can enjoy it. I’m still enjoying it so I’m in no rush to do anything with this project.
  • Raining Cats and Dogs – I continue to work a bit on this every Sunday. I wish I had the time to do a bit of quilting every day as I need the practice. It’s been a long time since I’ve hand quilted and I’m slowly starting to get back in the groove. I forgot how much I like hand quilting.
    • I’ve not worked on this all month. The cushion class took over and then I was struggling to catch up on the Simple Days BOM so this got waylaid. I will want to bring this out again.
  • Rainbow Garden – I’ve not touched this in about a year. I still haven’t touched it. … still not going to touch it.
  • Simple Days BOM – I started this and you can see my update here. I’m a little further along but I haven’t posted about it yet so I that’s something I need to do.
    • I still need to post an update.
  • Halloween quilt – I’ve not touched this in many years. 🙂


  • My Weasley Sweater – my Q1 goal was to knit the back and I finished that. So I’ve set this aside until Q2.
    • Now that it’s April, I’ve started working on the front.
    • Finished the front panel this week, 6/9/2021.
  • 24 days of Christmas Shawl from Jimmy Bean – finished! I am done weaving in the ends, so I need to get this blocked and then do my glamour shots.
    • still need to do my glamour shots. It’s been a surprisingly overcast April so I’ve not had a chance to do this.
    • It’s going to be in the hundreds this week so hopefully I have time to pull this out, block and take picks.
  • Water Lily – finished knitting! I’m working on weaving in the ends during my Thursday knit nights.
    • the ends are woven in and I need to do my glamour shots
  • Beanie for Kayla
  • Tranquil Mist – Now that it’s April and the Weasley sweater is back on the priority daily list, this project was shifted down to a weekly project to be worked on on Thursday knit night.
    • pulled this out 6/13/2021 and started working on this until the end of the quarter.
  • Orient Express – I work on this one weekly and it’s still small enough that I enjoy it.
  • Blue Hat – pulled this out of hibernation, wound the second skein of yarn and have picked this back up for knit nights.

Cross Stitching

  • Gamer Nouveau – I haven’t touched this in weeks. I tried to get that one page done and didn’t and now I haven’t touched this. This is why focusing on one project doesn’t work for me because then I tend to not want to touch it for a long time. I’m trying to get over this.
    • I picked this up again and did about 300 stitches last week. (April)
  • A Stitch In Time – I am working on this one and I’m trying to get a diagonal done before going back to Gamer.
    • I worked on this a few weeks ago and I’ve set it aside for now. (April)
  • Shades of Red
  • Autumn Owls
  • Titania
    • I worked on this for one night last week (April) and that was it. Time to move on.
  • Tsuru kame
  • Unicorn
  • Bountiful Blossoms
    • This was supposed to be a new start last October but with the move happening at that time, I never got it started. It came up on my Tiny Decisions App for this week so I started it this week.

And I realize that I didn’t even mention my to be quilted list… here.

  • Staycation – is finished! got this done before February ended!
  • Good Fortune
  • Glam Clam – this is under my Q20 needle as I quilt this one. I took a ruler work class and I’m using each clam to practice a different motif.
  • SoCal Quilt Run Area 4 Mystery Quilt from 2012
  • SoCal Quilt Run Area 4 Mystery Quilt from 2012
  • Provence
  • saved top from the august treasure hunt some years ago – I’m calling this my Orange quilt top and since this was at the top of my to be quilted pile, this is the one I’m working on next. I hope to get this finished in March but with 2 workshop classes and a very busy work schedule, I’m not going to be upset if I can’t finish it. I just want to be sure to work on it every weekend to help push me forward on getting this done!!!
    • This top is being quilted right now. I plan to be done quilting next week and will work on the binding, label and picture.
    • This was not done in time to be a finish in April. But I’m plugging along. I have the inner part quilted and my plan is to finish this in May.
  • Jan Krentz – diamond quilt – finished April 2021 and added to the to be quilted list…

Short List – May goals

  • Top 3 piecing quilts – Dancing with the Stars, Grassy Creek, Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  • Hand work – Simple days, Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Knitting – morning socks, Weasley Sweater (front)
  • Cross Stitching – just do a bit on my weekly project every day (whatever tiny decisions selects)
  • To Be Quilted – Finish the orange quilt (finish quilting, add the label, do the binding, take a nice picture and post about it) – done.

I hope this isn’t so boring for you as it’s simply a short (but very long) list to quickly refer to everything I’m working on.

Happy Crafting!


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